Bulk Spices

Having run out of a few different spices at home, it was time to re-stock a few things. They did have spices at Bulk Barn when I was there last weekend, but as I mentioned, it was really busy that day and I didn't want to get them to take the tare-weight of my jars.

I have been stocking up on various glass jars for this specific purpose. Most of the jars I've been saving have been ones that contained grocery store goods such as salsa, queso, and condiments. I have been washing them after they're empty and squirrelling them away in my cupboard, and now have quite a stock-pile.

I took four of these jars down to Sunnyside Market, where I know they carry various bulk organic spices. The nice thing about spices is that you don't use a huge amount at a time, so a lot goes a long way. When it comes to buying organic, the end result isn't a huge pricetag, and you get what I think are great quality, aromatic spices.

On this trip, I stocked up on cayenne, basil, oregano, and chili flakes. For each jar, I got them to take the tare-weight of the jars first, which they wrote on the bottom. They are more than happy to do this and don't treat you like a weirdo for bringing your own containers. Then I dumped spices straight into my jars from theirs. (Side note, if you dump good quality cayenne powder from one jar to another, your eyes will water and sting for a good few minutes if you're not careful.) I wrote the bin number and spice on each jar before paying. All together, these spices came to about $12.

At home I have a set of magnetic spice shakers that I keep next to the stove. I keep the larger jars of spices in a cupboard above the stove, and then refill my smaller shakers as needed. So far, it's a good system that works for me.

I still have a lot of old bagged spices to use up at home, and then I'm sure I'll be going back for more from Sunnyside Market.

Do you buy bulk spices? Leave a comment!


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