Pasta, finally!

During my last trip to Superstore, I really wanted to stock up on dry pasta. I had been to two different Superstores in the past few months and neither of them seemed to have it in bulk, which was annoying because I knew that I had purchased it there before. To make matters more annoying, on a recent trip to Bulk Barn I discovered that although they carry multiple types of pasta, much of it is PRE-BAGGED, making it useless to me.

This time, I returned to the Superstore in the Sunridge area in the NE. I had been there before and knew that I had purchased pasta there. The result?

There isn't a whole lot more to say about this. I left with a large quantity of various types of pasta, one of which we almost finished eating before I got around to taking the photo. You'd think this would last us a long time, but in reality we will likely eat this in a month or two. We love pasta!

Have you found bulk pasta? Leave a comment!


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