ZWH App, and some things to come

I wanted to let you know about a new app that was recently released by a blog you may be familiar with, Zero Waste Home. (Thanks to Lori for letting me know about it!) The folks at ZWH have been extremely successful at eliminating waste from their lives through a lot of hard work and LOTS of discipline. Now they have released an iPod/Android app to help connect people with bulk options in their area.

The Zero Waste Home Bulk Shopping Locator is the sort of app that will be most successful if lots of us use it. At this time, there are no locations posted for Calgary, though I did notice that Vancouver, Victoria, and Toronto have already generated some data. The more of us that start using it, the better it will be. I just downloaded the app yesterday on to my iPod Touch and will start entering some locations soon. If you are also an iPod/iPhone/Android user, and know of some great locations to buy bulk, I hope you will download it and start contributing to the community as well!

It's been a little while since I've posted, so I also wanted to let you know some of the things I've been working on in the last couple weeks.

Dishwasher Detergent: I've been playing with some different recipes to try to put together some home made dishwasher detergent, and I'm getting close to success. It took me some time to locate one of the ingredients I needed (at a reasonable price), but now that I have it, I'm hoping to be able to post about it soon. I don't want to post about something that doesn't work though, so patience is best.

Dish Soap: I ran out of dish soap recently and so finally had an opportunity to use a new recipe I had found for dish soap. The last time I tried making it from scratch was an utter disappointment, so I needed to try something new. So far, so good, but I haven't used it quite enough yet to post on it.

You'll be  hearing about these things soon. Meanwhile, I hope you'll check out the new app and start logging some locations!

Have you tried it yet? Leave a comment!


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