Luck with Liquids

Compared to the likes of beans and rice, liquids pose a bit of a challenge when it comes to bulk-purchasing. There are just not as many of them to be found, at least that I've come across so far. This makes sense to a certain degree, considering they require a more elaborate dispensing system and sturdier packaging than dry goods.

There are a few hidden gems out there though, and sometimes you don't even notice them the first time you see them. You will find some bulk liquids in places like the very back of Bulk Barn, referenced on price tags at Sunnyside Market, or at the end of aisles at Community Natural Foods.

In this case, I was going after some sweet stuff and I was at CNF. You might not notice that at the end of one of the aisles at the back of the store, there is a spout poking out of the bottom of one of the displays. That spout will provide you with honey. On the other side of the same display, there is a little keg that will give you maple syrup. I brought a Ziploc container and a pop-top bottle with me, so I was able to get customer service to take the tare weight of them before filling them. This is important because you don't want to have to pay for the weight of your containers, especially if they are on the bulky side.

By the time I took the photo, I had already transferred the honey into a glass jar. The Ziploc container was really not the best option for transporting a liquid, since the lid could have popped off. If you're looking for honey or maple syrup in the foreseeable future though, this is a packaging-free option for you!

Have you found many bulk liquids? Leave a comment!


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