DIY Window Cleaner

Searching the Internet for DIY cleaning supplies, you would believe that everything in your home can be cleaned with vinegar. In my experience, this is true a lot of the time, but not every clogged drain can be cleared with the old vinegar and baking soda trick.

One effective and dead-easy cleaning product you can make at home, though, is glass/mirror cleaner. A few good glugs of vinegar in a spray bottle of water cleans your windows and mirrors as well as any glass cleaner I've ever used. It also saves you a lot of wasteful plastic bottles.

Combine your homemade glass cleaner with a lint-free polishing cloth, and you have a relatively waste-free cleaning product. At this time I don't have a source for bulk vinegar, but since you can always buy it in a 5 litre jug, it at least falls under point #4 of my "Guidelines" above.

I acquired this fancy Norwex cloth at a silent auction fundraiser. I basically only use it for polishing glass and mirrors, and it does a great job. I suspect there are other cloths like it on the market. Before I got it I would use balled up newspapers to clean windows, which could have otherwise been recycled, so it's nice to have a good reusable option.

Do you make your own cleaning supplies? Leave a comment!


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