My New Dish Soap

I tried my hand at reusable dish soap a few years ago, thinking it would be an easy project. The result was a weird, milky gel that had to be used straight on the dishcloth because it was useless when added to a sink of water. The recipe also made about 2 litres of it, so it took me forever to use up. It's gone now, and since then I have been using up the dish soap that was left in our house when we moved in. That bottle has about 1 cm left in the bottom.

I do plan on trying a homemade version again some day, with a different recipe, but this weekend it so happened that I dropped in to Lukes Drug Mart in Bridgeland. Lukes has been in existence for a long time, but in the past couple years has started to transform itself into a pretty cool little shop. Besides the standard pharmacy and convenience store line, it now boasts fancy coffee, records, groceries, local bread, and a line of refillable cleaning supplies.

They have various types of cleaners (floor, laundry, window, etc), but what stood out was a very pretty, glass bottle of refillable dish soap. After your initial purchase of the pump, you can bring your bottle back to have it refilled for $3.

Regardless of whether I have it refilled or make my own soap in the future (or a combination of both), I was pretty impressed at the offering at this unassuming pharmacy which is walking distance to my house. I will definitely be back!

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  1. Hi,

    Do you know how much the glass bottle and spray top costs? I'm trying to phase out plastic bottles out of my home. Also, did you happen to see a glass spray bottle with a clear cover? Don't really want dish soap written on it.

    Thank you!

    1. This cost about $15 at first purchase, then it costs $3 to refill. I don't think they had any without the brand name/"dish soap" written on it.


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