Homemade Vanilla Extract

Here's a simple DIY project the next time you're running low on vanilla extract (or out drinking vodka). With just two ingredients, you can make your own vanilla extract.

In this case, the vanilla beans that I used were given to me as a gift, but I have also seen them in bulk at Sunnyside Market in Kensington. Vodka, bought in a glass bottle, can be returned for recycling. Not a perfect waste-reduction project, but much better (in my opinion), than a bunch of tiny vanilla bottles.

Just slice your vanilla beans down the middle and cut into pieces (so the vanilla-y inside is exposed), and steep in vodka until it turns a rich brown color. In my case, I used four vanilla beans and about 1.5 cups of vodka. Next time, I may try a couple more vanilla beans, as I thought it could have been a little more concentrated. I let it sit for a couple weeks, but again, perhaps I should have let it sit longer since I only had four beans. Some recipes encourage you to let it age for a month.

So simple, and smells so nice!

Do you make your own extracts? Leave a comment!


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