The New Addition to my Purse: Cutlery

Being prepared, or planning ahead, is definitely one of the keys to avoiding waste. Whether it's by remembering your reusable shopping bags, bringing your own containers to the store, or bringing your package-free toiletries when you travel, remembering your zero waste alternatives is sometimes the only way to avoid disposables (unless you're prepared to carry your groceries out of the store in your arms).

The same goes for avoiding plastic cutlery. In Calgary, plastic cutlery is not recyclable; it is too small to be sorted properly by the machines. Over the past few months I have found myself in a couple of situations where I cursed myself for not having a fork or spoon with me. I have been carrying a cloth napkin in my purse for a while now, and it often comes in handy when I pick up something to eat, or need to wipe the mouth of my slobbering dog. 

So now I have added a small fork and spoon to my purse as well, wrapped in the napkin (free of dog slobber) and secured with a rubber band. I don't know where or when I will need it, but at least I will be prepared.

What do you carry with you to be prepared? Leave a comment!


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