Soap - So Many Options

This is a quick and easy one to end off the week. When it comes to soap, you have lots and lots of options to buy it packaging-free.

Personally I really like the soap at Lush. They have a lot of great scents and some good vegan options. It's not actually packaging free, because it comes wrapped in wax paper. The next time I'm there I plan to check if you can buy their solid products without the paper wrapping. As an establishment they tend to be pretty friendly towards waste-reduction, so I suspect they won't be too hard to work with. Lush is a little pricey though, so it's not necessarily the best option if you're on a budget.

Community Natural Foods definately has packaging-free soap. Last time I was there it was in a big basket right at the till. It's a plain, unscented type, without any added color. I didn't check, but I wouldn't be surprised if they have more varieties in their health/beauty section as well.

Sunnyside Market also carries at least one brand of packaging-free soap, and it comes in an array of scents and colors.

Another nice place to buy soap is The Beehive, also in Kensington, on 10th Street. It is a store that sells a variety of natural soaps in all different shapes and scents. It is definately worth a visit. Since many of their soaps are in fancy shapes, they also sell of bags of soap shavings generated from the production process. These are not packaging-free, but they are fun to buy, as you can soak them in water and then shape them into your own new bars of soap. It's a fun project.

Really if you look for wrapper-free soap outside of Safeway and other major grocery stores, you're bound to find it. Just go to The Body Shop if you're in a bind.

It's an easy win! Have a good weekend!


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