Work Napkins

I rarely use paper napkins at home. On occasion I used to give in at Ikea and buy those fancy patterned paper napkins, but then they would just sit in the junk drawer and get all wrinkled and bent until I eventually put them in the recycle bin. WASTEFUL!

These days we don't have them around at home, but I do find myself using them at work. For lunch most days, I bring homemade soup from home and warm it up in the microwave. When I started doing this, I found that the bowl was too hot to pick up and carry back to my office. Now I tend to take a paper napkin, wrap it around the bowl as insulation, and then use that napkin for napkin-related purposes after my meal.

These napkins are wasteful, they come wrapped in plastic, and they're not even made of recycled paper, so it's time to stop using them.

Obviously I could just get some cloth napkins and keep them at work, but I remembered something that I bought a few years ago and never used. It's a box of Hankette's organic cotton cloth hankies in a fancy cardboard box. I bought it at the Green Calgary Ecostore (I think) and it cost me a bundle. At the time I tended to spend a lot of money on things without really thinking about it first. I think it's a really nice product, but I should have actually been committed to USING cloth hankies before I bought them.

So now I am going to repurpose them as small lunch napkins. I think they will work out great and I will finally be using something that's been lying around my house for the last few years. They come in a box of eight, so I will also have lots of time to take them home and wash them before I run out.

Sorry paper napkins, I'm done with you!


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