A Stock-up Check List

As part of winter stock-up, and as a next step in the waste-free challenge, I needed a strategy. That is, I needed a list of all the things that I need to buy in bulk. Some things I already know can be sourced in bulk, and some I haven't gotten to yet.

I have a shopping trip planned for next week and don't want to miss anything. I also don't want to waste any time. We are out of a lot of things at home right now (except rice, of course).

I spent some time coming up with a list of everything I want to have in my pantry. A lot of these items I believe I should be able to get from Superstore or Bulk Barn. Here's a look at my list.

I plan to print these out and keep a list on the fridge, so that when we run out of something, I can just check it off. Then when we go shopping, we will have a shopping list ready.

I will keep you updated on which of these items I'm able to find in bulk on my next shopping trip. Have a great weekend!


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