A Trip to Superstore

As mentioned, I have some spiffy new bulk bags that I ordered online. They are made of a very fine mesh and are intended to replace those obnoxious plastic produce bags. I've been dying to give these a spin at a non-organic grocery store to see how they would work out, and how the staff would react to them. What better place to test them out than Superstore?

We have shopped from the Superstore bulk bins for years now, and I spent a tiresome amount of time trying to wash and reuse the plastic bulk bags they provide you. I hate sending plastic bags for recycling because I just don't have that much faith in the recycling process of some plastics. This mostly stems from when I worked at a major grocery store and the other staff members told me that the plastic bags they collected didn't actually get recycled. I don't know if they knew what they were talking about, or if they were just sceptics, but it affected me either way.

At any rate, Superstore has a lot of selection in their bulk bins, although it seems to vary depending on what store you go to. The one in the Sunridge area tends to have a good selection of dried pasta which they did not have at the store on Centre Street.
We did leave the store with apples, dried black beans, carrots, jalapenos, almonds, chocolate chips, wine gums, gummy candies, and pretzel sticks.

It was disappointing that they didn't have pasta, but it was still a pretty good haul. Besides some pretzel salt and candy sugar sifting through the mesh, the bags held all these foods nicely.

I was perhaps a tiny bit disappointed, but also glad that the grocery store staff didn't bat an eye at my bags. They went through the check-out without the slightest attention or trouble.

I will be taking another bulk-buy trip in the near future to finish the winter stock-up. I also haven't figured out how I'm going to stock up on icing sugar or white sugar, since a lot of that would spill out through the mesh.

Have you tried out re-usable bulk bags yet? Leave a comment!


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