Canned Veggie Stock

When I posted about making veggie stock earlier this year, I mentioned that a pressure canner was on my to-get list for this year. Well, I've already posted about our crab apple project, as well as the canned beans I have now almost finished consuming. Obviously soup stock was next on my list to pressure can.

For the last month or so I had been collecting usable veggie scraps in a container in the freezer to make into soup stock. At the advice of some random Internet article, I was saving everything: kale stems, celery tops, cabbage cores, carrot greens, onion tops, chard stems, whatever. What a great stock I thought I would have.

To be honest, the end result of my actual stock was pretty rough. It was really bitter and dark. To cut through the bitterness I added a nice big beet at the end which salvaged it enough that I felt it was worth canning. Going forward though, I am only saving onion and garlic pieces, carrot tops (without greens), beet pieces, and celery tops. Use a recipe, people!

Regardless of the stock itself, I did manage to successfully pressure can it so that it wouldn't need to be stored in the freezer. This is the ultimate zero-waste project: it's made from vegetable left-overs and stored in reusable jars. Awesome!

Doing any canning this season? Leave a comment!


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