Toilet Paper by the Case

Sometimes the thing you are looking for turns out to be right under your nose. Finding plastic-wrap-free toilet paper has been on my to-do list pretty much since I started this blog. I should qualify that; I was looking for toilet paper, without plastic, that didn't cost over $1 per roll. On the online store of a popular waste reduction blog, there is a link to toilet paper that costs over $1.40/roll. That's taking things a little too far, in my opinion.

As of a couple weeks ago, I had discovered a janitorial supply company who would sell to non-businesses. The price was right, they had a recycled option, and they seemed to have great customer service. The only catch was that they are in the SE and only open 9-5 on weekdays, which corresponds directly to when I am at work. Without a car, going to buy toilet paper started to seem like a big task.

Last week, however, I read an article online that made reference to buying toilet paper by the case from Staples. Of course this makes perfect sense, I had just never thought of it. Fast forward to today, and we now have four 48-roll cases of 100% recycled toilet paper. Not all post-consumer content, mind you, but good enough for me. The rolls are individually wrapped in paper, and then stacked in a cardboard box. It does seem like a lot of packaging compared to some simple plastic wrap, but I am much happier and more comfortable putting all that paper and cardboard in the recycling than I am with putting the plastic wrap in there. (I'm not sure if that plastic wrap is actually recyclable, or if it just ends up in the landfill.) If it weren't for the tape on the boxes, it would be almost a perfect score.

To order the cases, I put in an order from the Staples website online, and specified Deliver to Store. Since we had a need to book a car for an unrelated errand, we picked up our boxes on an evening after work. It is quite possible that we now have enough toilet paper to last almost a year. And this is exactly how I like it.

Do you buy toilet paper by the case? Leave a comment!


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