The Waste-Free Baking Cupboard: Chocolate

Sometimes I am at a bit of a loss for topics to talk about on this blog. We buy a lot of the same groceries on a regular basis, from a lot of the same stores, so I am not often making new, waste-free discoveries. Unfortunately, the bulk selection at our go-to stores (Community Natural Foods and Calgary Co-op) doesn't change very often. But sometimes we make a trip beyond the 5km around our house, and that's when I find new things.

On our last trip to Superstore, I had one thing on my mind: chocolate. Normally when we bake with chocolate, we are doing it with limited planning. For the most part, we end up buying little bags of chocolate chips from the convenience store in our neighborhood. I have tried buying bigger bags in advance and keeping them in the cupboard, but I have the habit of eating them bit by bit, until there's none left when it's time to bake.

At Superstore, the bulk bins are well stocked. I picked up some basic chocolate chips, and some semi-sweet baking chocolate. I would honestly have preferred unsweetened baking chocolate, but it wasn't available. We don't make it to Superstore very often, so I bought a lot!

In an effort to make sure it's still available when the baking mood stikes, I have packed it into mason jars and buried it at the bottom of our basement deep freezer. It has been a few weeks and so far it's untouched!

Have you found baking ingredients in bulk? Leave a comment!


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