Why I'm Excited about the Green Cart Program

Recently the news around town has been about the City of Calgary's Green Cart program. It is set to start rolling out in the spring of 2017. You might think this wouldn't be exciting news to us since we have three composters already, but there are going to be some real benefits to the new program.

Even with all our compost bins, there are still some materials we send to the landfill, either because they would attract pests or they would not break down properly in our home bins.

  • Meat scraps and bones
  • Cat litter and pet waste
The program will also accept dairy, bread, and cooked food, none of which we have a lot of in our waste bin, but could be useful for other households. And of course, it will also accept the kitchen scraps and yard waste that currently go in our home composters.

If you're interested in more information about the program, the City has a useful FAQ here.

Even with the Green Cart roll-out, we will likely keep using our existing compost bins. However, being able to compost our pet waste is going to put a huge dent in the trash coming out of our household. I am pretty stoked about it! Too bad we have to wait until next year!

Are you looking forward to the Green Cart program? Leave a comment!


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