Halloween Results

Well, I did my best with my Halloween challenge, but be honest, it didn't shape up so well.

At Superstore, in the entire Halloween candy section, there wasn't a single option that didn't contain plastic. In the bulk section, they had mini boxes of smarties for $1.99/100 grams, which is about twice the price of most of the other options. At Community Natural Foods and Sunnyside Market, I found organic options that were still wrapped in a million pounds of plastic. It was demoralising. Even the mini boxes of raisins came in a plastic bag. Short of spending a fortune on smarties, or full-sized boxes of candy, we were feeling out of options. We left Superstore planning to give out cans of soda... not the best and certainly not the cheapest scenario.

As it so happens, I had a work trip to Banff this weekend, the home of several candy stores. I spent serious effort searching one store and all the bulk bins. Unfortunately, because Banff caters so much to tourists, especially in that area, a lot of the bulk candy was super expensive. Here's what I settled on (and yeah, I used my new bulk bags):

I was thinking that these were wrapped in some sort of thick paper. They were 5 for $0.25, so I left with 100 for $5.25. "Yay!", I thought to myself.

Unfortunately when I ripped in to one, I found an microscopically thin layer of plastic underneath the paper wrapper. Sigh.

So at that point, I was done with the search. I really tried. I consider this to be 90% fail. I'm leaving myself a 10% success rate because these candies contain quite a bit less plastic than your standard mini chocolate bar.

Anyways, better luck next year.

Did any of you find good Halloween options?


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