Home Repair - the vibrating bathroom light

When we purchased our home this year, we knew that the light fixture in the bathroom was at the end of its life. It was an older rectangular fluorescent fixture, like something you would have had in your middle school, except it was about 24'' long.

At the best of times, it flickered softly when it was turned on. After some time, it would start to buzz. The longer it was on, the louder it would get. If you were to accidentally leave it on all day long (whoops), by the time you got home, you could hear it when you opened the front door. It was our little raver bathroom; with a little music would have had a dance party in there.

This weekend, one of the bulbs decided to burn out. Since we were likely going to have to replace the thing anyway, we figured now was the time.

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore in the North East is the perfect location to find replacement fixtures for home-repair. Obviously you have to be flexible when it comes to selection since their stock comes in the form of donations from various sources. The fixture we ended up picking looks like it was salvaged from a home that was either torn down or had its lights updated.

Terrible photo

Sorry for the terrible photo.

The benefits to this purchase? It supported a charity, it eliminated waste by re-using something would otherwise have been thrown away, and it came packaging-free.

And it doesn't buzz!


  1. You have a very "save the planet" kind of thinking which is very good actually. My best friend is in the professional plumbing industry and they are very focused on recycling all their cardboard and pipe wastage so that it can be re-used. Its nice to see everyone around us trying to "save the planet" in every which way.

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