CSA - Weeks #3 and #4

Here's a look at our last two weeks' worth of CSA veggies. We are getting to the point now where the share is getting so big that I need to make some of it into frozen meals for the future.

Week #3:
Onions, potatoes, carrots, beets, lettuce, spinach, garlic scapes, dill. Today, these potatoes and onions are going to be turned into a stew that will go into the freezer for lunches in the winter. I also did this with week #2's swiss chard.

The flowers are a nice touch. I've been bringing them to the office since they are not safe for cats.

Week #4:
Kale, lettuce, carrots, peas, chives, sorrel, garlic scapes, kohlrabi, bok choy, and flowers. Things are getting interesting!

Are you in a CSA this year? Leave a comment!


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