Never Too Many Beans

This is a long overdue post, because in fact these photos are old and some of these beans have long-since been eaten. The lesson here is that there are plenty of ways to buy dried beans in bulk depending on how much of a bean consumer you are.

I don't want to go into excessive detail on this since I have posted about beans before. The chickpeas and kidney beans I bought from the bulk bins at Sunnyside Market.

If you're wondering how the beans above look before they make their way into the bulk bins, I welcome you to my 25lb bag of black beans.

You can get a discount from Sunnyside if you order bulk items by the case, and since I love black beans, and have lots of storage space, I ordered myself a bag.

I am still well stocked for beans for a long, long time!

Do you use dried beans? Leave a comment!


  1. I prefer dried. Beans is rich source for fiber and proteins. We prepare beans 1-2 times on week.


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