Soda Stream

As previously mentioned, we drink a fair amount of soda in our household. For the most part we are sugar-free cola drinkers, but are also into sparkly water and other sugar-free sodas. Aside from the obvious recycling burden created by soda drinking, there are some other negative impacts to consider. Bottled drinks often put a strain on the water table in the areas they are manufactured, and have to be transported by truck to retail locations. They are also costly and not great for your health.

Enter the Soda Stream.

My partner and I recently celebrated a big anniversary, and some good friends of ours went together and bought us a Soda Stream as a gift. Basically, this is a counter-top appliance that carbonates tap water for you. It uses special CO2 canisters that you return for a deposit at various retailers and trade in for full ones. You can carbonate one litre at a time in about five seconds.

Soda Stream also sells various syrups so you can make all your favourite sodas, including sugar-free cola. We haven't made it to a store to try any of these out yet, but we will get there. I have been experimenting with making my own syrups though. I have used crab apple syrups from our canning blitz a few months ago, and some raspberry lemonade syrup I bought at a farmer's market a while back. Both made very pleasant, though sugary, sodas. I also made some homemade ginger syrup in an attempt to make ginger ale. I think the recipe needs a little work but it wasn't bad. I am still trying to figure out how to make homemade sugar-free soda mixes.

We haven't quite eliminated our bottled drink purchases yet, but we have already cut WAY back. Even plain carbonated water is enough to curb my soda longings much of the time, so it's been great. I will report back when I have some success with homemade syrups, or try out the Soda Stream ones.

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