The Compostable Toothbrush

I don't know if you've noticed, but pretty much every toothbrush that exists is made of plastic. Sometimes they're a basic plastic handle, and sometimes they're an enormous glob of various types and colors of plastics molded together. Sometimes you can mail them back for recycling, or you can replace the heads and reuse the handle. Either way, if you have a tooth brush, it is probably plastic, and it is probably going to end up in the garbage.

Think about how many toothbrushes you use per year, and then multiply that by all of the people on earth using toothbrushes. Arg.

My search for a compostable toothbrush was a long one. They are few and far between. In reality, I only found two acceptable options, one of which was made from boar hair. A toothbrush made from boar hair? That seemed like a bit much for me, although I did consider it. I am not a vegetarian, but I do like to keep animals and animal products out of my cosmetic shopping cart. But if I'm going to eat animals, why not use all of the useful parts, you ask? Well, I understand this is a hot-topic debate waiting to happen, but let's just say that I thought the non-animal toothbrush might be more appealing to the public as a whole.

So here it is, the Environmental Toothbrush. I will let you read the details about this product on their own website.

Now, unfortunately I didn't find the Environmental Toothbrush in Calgary (yet?). I did find it at The Soap Dispensary in Vancouver. Am I suggesting you fly to Vancouver to buy a toothbrush? No, of course not. But if you have friends going to visit, or are going to visit yourself, swing by and pick one up. I had a friend pick me up one to try out while on a visit. After being satisfied with it, I bought a box of ten of them when we visited there ourselves.

If you don't have any connections to Vancouver, you can also order them through the website. They are shipped from Australia, which is a bit of a bummer, but your standard toothbrushes are often made in China anyway, so I don't feel it's a big difference.

As it happens I had a whole bunch of regular toothbrushes still in their packages that were yet to be used. I will be dropping those off at the Calgary Drop-in Centre; I'm done with plastic toothbrushes!

Have you tried the Environmental Toothbrush? Leave a comment!


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