Big Bag of Oats

The more I get into buying bulk, the more I like ordering items by the package. It starts with rice, beans, and baking soda, and all of a sudden you've got 25lbs of rolled oats to deal with. I ordered these particular oats from Sunnyside Market in Kensington. They are a local variety grown by Highwood Crossing, south of Calgary. They're packaged in a paper bag that is easily recyclable.

I almost ran out of storage jars getting this out of the bag, and you might notice that my carb-loving cat took a little bite out of the side before I got that done. Now I have enough oats for a million breakfasts!

What do you use rolled oats for? Leave a comment!


  1. hamburger patties, cookies, you dog also might like them and the would be good winter fiber if they do, many deserts like apple crisp or rhubarb and strawberry, also granola....


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