Boxes of Pasta

Whoops! Well, that was a bit of a longer break than I had planned. Obviously the holiday season got the best of me for a few weeks.

Although I didn't get around to trying out fabric wrapping paper this year, I did manage to make it through the season using only re-used gift bags and wrapping paper. As well, I have a pretty good stockpile for next year.

Unrelated to the holiday season, in December I put in another order to Sunnyside Market to see what I can buy in bulk at their discount price. When you order cases of product from Sunnyside, you receive a 20% discount. This time, we were in search of pasta. It has been a long time since we made it to Superstore to stock up in the bulk-bin section, and to be honest, I have started to prefer ordering in cases rather than individual shopping trips.

The problem with ordering something for the first time is that you don't know what sort of packaging it will come in. I ended up purchasing two 5kg cases of pasta, which arrived in cardboard boxes. As it turns out, the cardboard boxes contained giant plastic bags.

I'm torn on whether to file this under "Bulk Purchase Packaging" (see Guidelines), or to consider this a bit of a fail. The quantity of plastic seems excessive compared to the quantity of pasta; potentially there was more plastic in this box than if I had just purchased pasta in plastic bags from the store shelf. On the other hand, technically these plastic bags are recyclable when much of the plastic on the store shelves is not. Either way, this was not really a win.

Did you reduce waste during the holiday season? Leave a comment!


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