Flour and Spice Stockup

I've written about purchasing bulk spices before, and not much has changed for me on that front. I was surprised, however, to find that I have not yet posted about purchasing flour in bulk. Finding myself completely out of flour this weekend, I prepared for a trip to Sunnyside Market in Kensington, where I know I can buy bulk products hassle-free.

The benefit of buying bulk at Sunnyside, other than supporting a great, locally-based, small business, is their no-questions-asked attitude towards bringing your own containers. Simply bring your container to the front when you arrive, have them take its tare-weight, and then fill your containers straight from the bulk bins. No hassle, no weird looks, and no awkward social situations.

Since I was going there anyway, I did a quick inventory of my spice cabinet to see what spices would be worth stocking up on. They have a great selection of herbs and spices that you can scoop straight into your spice jar. I love buying spices this way and have found that the quality is so much better than the bags of spices you buy at the grocery store. This time, I filled one jar with basil, and one with ginger.

Of course, I also left with a huge bin of flour.

Do you buy bulk at Sunnyside? Leave a comment?


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